ETV Platform

FourthWall’s ETV Platform enables interactive and enhanced television services on both legacy and advanced set-top boxes. The ETV Platform consists of a market-ready cross-platform EBIF User Agent, but also includes important backend components that support the care and feeding of ETV applications. For more than six years, in millions of homes and in many cable markets, we have delivered a solution that combines a small footprint and high performance with extensibility, scalability, and reliability – essential elements of any market-ready solution.

FourthWall Media is an active participant in industry efforts to create a vibrant EBIF-based ecosystem in collaboration with members from Canoe Ventures and CableLabs, as well as the vendor community at large. For more information of these industry efforts, go to

With multiple operators contracting for FourthWall’s EBIF technology solutions, we recognize our central role in the successful deployment of interactive services. Operators launching the FourthWall EBIF Platform currently include: Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Rovi, OneLink Communications, SureWest Communications, Knology, Blue Ridge Communications, and GVTC Communications.

Biap ETV Platform

Biap EBIF User Agent
Biap ETV Platform Server
Biap ETV Asset Manager
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