Founded to Change the Way the TV Ecosystem Thinks About TV.


Before it was cool, we wrote software to collect viewership data from set top boxes. Now we collect and process hundreds of millions of viewing events every day from 2 million homes and almost 10 million set top boxes sourced from more than a dozen distribution partners.

Next, we created a PII-protecting matching system so we could understand more about audience composition. Today we visualize custom audiences with a click, and seamlessly match demographic data with the largest 3rd party data providers, as well as customers' 1st party data.

Then, we developed the MassiveData® DMP, a platform to process, merge and manage all of this data. And every day, 24/7, data from dozens of sources hums along, being ingested, normalized and turned into flexible, valuable, and actionable outputs.

Finally, we wanted answers, so we built the Reveal Analytics Platform, powered by years of historic data and our MassiveData® DMP.  Now we and our distributor, programming, and marketing partners can easily answer the most valuable viewership, audience, and advertising questions in just a few minutes.

All of this is so our partners and customers in the TV and media ecosystems have the right tools to gain insights, leverage their knowledge, and grow their businesses.



Tim Peters
 Tim has founded, grown and monetized public and private companies at the nexus of technology, data, and media since 1985, as a CEO, board member and mentor. Tim built and leads the growing team at FourthWall. 


Aaron Ye, Ph.D.
Aaron has worked in the TV technology space for almost three decades, developing cornerstone technologies in set top box software, interactive advertising, big data, and personalization. Prior to FWM, he served as co-founder of an internet startup, and as Chief Architect at the Americast/Disney Televentures.


M. Ellen Dudar
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer
For two decades, Ellen has pioneered advanced TV services across the ecosystem. Prior to co-founding FourthWall, she worked on  large scale systems and software at Oracle, Lockheed Martin, and PRC where she developed software for the International Space Station. 

Mike Israel
Mike brings over 35 years of management experience in the television technology and software development industries. Prior to joining FourthWall, Mike held executive roles with Liberate Technologies, Source Media, and Ameritech.




Louis Slothouber, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, Chief Scientist
Louis is credited with dozens of US and international patents, focusing much of his career on big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Prior to co-founding FourthWall, Louis worked at the University of Houston, StarNine Technologies and Quarterdeck.  

J. Lamont Hall
Monte Hall has over twenty years experience in senior financial roles with rapidly growing companies in the telecom and technology space, ranging in size from startup companies to publicly traded corporations, including Teleglobe Business Solutions, iGo (NAS:IGOI), and  Ernst & Young.