Advanced Advertising

Ad Widgets

Ad Widgets® is an addressable interactive advertising solution for television using robust, high-reliability technology. Ad Widgets deliver a suite of advanced advertising applications and associated data that marketers can use to drive campaign results. These include interactive overlays for targeted billboards, voting & polling, request for information (RFI), click-to-call, VOD telescoping, and watermark Ad Widgets that simply measure ad exposures.
Ad Widgets were built to fit within an operator’s current advertising workflow and head-end infrastructure. The Ad Widgets Manager lets operators manage interactive campaign orders, interactive overlay creation, targeting and binding of the Ad Widgets applications, and reporting on campaign performance.

Once Ad Widgets are created, they can be targeted to run across the entire cable footprint, a market, in specific zones or ZIP codes, or in specific groupings of set-top boxes. Ad Widgets are also addressable by custom-supplied subscriber lists (such as Ford owners), self-selection from voting & polling results, previous exposures, or a combination of all these factors. For subscribers not being addressed, the targeting process can simply display the commercial with no advanced features.

Addressable Platform

FourthWall’s platform technology enables addressability for both linear commercial spots as well as the Ad Widgets interactive overlays. The platform is fully proven and has been running successfully in market for many years on millions of boxes for a broad range of U.S. cable operators. The platform runs on ARRIS/Motorola, Cisco, and Pace hardware and has been integrated with Visible World to support household addressability for 30-second spots.

With years of real-world enhanced TV deployment experience, our addressable platform offers:

  • Metered bandwidth management with guaranteed delivery
  • Application message transcoding
  • Interactive application messaging aggregation
  • Push message delivery
  • Network bridging
  • Generic persistent storage support for all enhanced TV applications
  • Support for set-top-box diagnostics, monitoring, and tuner data collection
Mar 29:
FourthWall is seeking full-stack Java Enterprise Edition software engineers.
Mar 29:
FourthWall Media is seeking a senior product manager to build cool TV analytics products.