be Careful. when you take control, and start thinking about TV like Digital, the insights at your fingertips might lead to Not only targeted, more efficient, trackable TV Campaigns.

They might lead to shimmies, or shakes, or whips or nae naes, too.

Our Reveal Analytics platform combines 5 years of world class, second-by-second TV viewing data,Household matching, and A.I. Driven analytics, so you can think about TV differently.

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Audience Creation

With Reveal Connect we create custom TV audiences from 1st and 3rd party data. So you can create TV audiences from your actual customers, or from a rich selection of included demographic and psychographic data to create your custom targets, like Households In Market for a Cruise in the Next 12 Months, or Hispanic Families with Children under 12. The combinations are almost endless. We match in a snap. Then you can explore what they watch, their ad exposure, and more.

Want to make a custom audience? Contact us below and we’ll whip one up and give you some insights.

Tip: It’s so easy and fast, you can create multiple audiences: One broad target, like Adults 35-54, another that’s reflective of your brand target, like Families Who Have Children a Between 5 and 12, and a third, matching your customers from the last year, then compare them.

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Indices and Direction

Now that you have your target audience, you can quickly create directional reports, such as indices by network, program, daypart, and genres. In the past, information like this was laborious to create if it could be created at all. Now, it’s easy to ask and answer questions like, “Last week, what networks did Toyota owners watch most during Daytime?” Or, “Which programs during Primetime index highest for households who shopped with me last year?”

A typical Index Report takes about 10 minutes to run. It’s so fast, contact us, and we’ll build one for you with your custom audience.

Tip: Index and rank the content: genres and programs, and the locations: networks and stations, by dayparts for each target audience. This will show you where they’re watching throughout the day, and also reveal what they’re interested in. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

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Campaign Analysis

With Reveal, you can upload your past ad campaigns, and see exactly how they performed, at an impression level, against any of your targets, even purchasers. You’ll see which networks, programs, dayparts, and genres had the most impact, and, which didn’t. With you past campaigns, we can run an OPTIMAL FREQUENCY study. Our Optimal Frequency study matches your past purchasers with viewership of your ad campaigns, and tells you exactly how many TV impressions you need to generate a purchase.

And, we’ve changed the world of post analysis. We provide analysis the next day when a campaign is running, so you can see how your campaign is performing while it’s in-flight, giving you the insights and time to adjust your marketing mix.

Tip: Upload your last two campaigns, and look for when over saturation occurred and your ads actually had a negative impact on viewers.

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Once we know your Optimal Frequency, you can give us your campaign parameters: dates, budget, black list and white list of networks or programs, and your custom targets. Then we’ll use our A.I. based optimizing software to create a program-level plan that speaks to the right audience the optimal number of times. We always save at least 20% from your budget, and perform better. How do we know? We track the campaign beginning the next day, so you see the results. Transparency is the new world. Opacity is the old.

Tip: Create multiple campaign scenarios with varying budgets to find your minimal needed spend to get your maximum impact.

FourthWall’s Brand Partner Team has one goal: to help grow your business. we’ll accomplish that goal by giving you the data-driven insights to better manage one of your largest marketing budget items, linear TV.

In the past, TV measurement has been opaque, slow, and out of your hands. It’s time to change.

Contact us below, and we’ll answer your questions, so you can think about TV differently.

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