be Careful. when you take control, and start thinking about TV like Digital, the insights at your fingertips might not only lead to targeted, more efficient, trackable TV Campaigns,They might also lead to shimmies, or shakes, or whips or nae naes.

Our Q4 Insight project will analyze dozens of Fourth Quarter linear TV campaigns on a spot by spot, impression by impression, audience by audience basis.

Key findings will become part of a Q1 2020 White paper about targeting and waste in the current linear TV advertising world.

Chosen partners can access their complete analyses, which includes which networks, dayparts, programs, day of Week are most impactful, how each spot performed on an impression basis for multiple custom audiences, and where the waste began, and where it lived.

How do We do this? Keep scrolling,and we’ll try to answer your questions.

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Audience Creation

With Reveal Connect we create custom TV audiences by matching 1st and 3rd party data at a household level. TV audiences can be created from your actual customers, or from a rich selection of demographic and psychographic characteristics like Households Spending More than $2,000 on Apparel in the Next 12 Months, or Hispanic Families with Children under 12. The combinations are almost endless. We match in a snap. Then you can explore what they watch, their ad exposure, and more.

Q4 Insight Project: We have created more than a dozen custom audiences for this study, including many “in-market” audiences, and demographic audiences based on income, children, and ethnicity. We’ll measure performance against traditional age and gender audiences, but also against each of the custom audiences.

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Campaign Analysis

With Reveal, we upload past ad campaigns - every individual spot, the day after they run, and see exactly how each spot performed, at an impression level, against each of the matched audiences. We’ll see how each campaign performed, and determined which networks, programs, day parts, genres, and programs had the most impact, and, which didn’t. We can also see where the waste began, even measuring saturation and dangerous over-saturation. (This is when viewers see so many of your ads it’s actually worse than them seeing only one ad. This is a very common occurrence. This isn’t only waste, it has a negative impact.)

Q4 Insight Project: We will upload all ads that run during Q4 the day after they air. We will assume an Optimal Frequency. Optimal Frequency is the analytically determined number of TV spots that are seen before a purchase occurs. Partners who work with directly are able to provide their own Optimal Frequency number to replace the general assumption. Key KPIs will include hight impacting Networks, Day Parts, Genres, Programs, and Day of Week, as well as which Networks, Programs, Genres, and Day of Week were wasteful, and when that waste began.

FourthWall’s Brand Partner Team has one goal: to help grow your business. We’ll accomplish that goal by giving you data-driven insights to better manage one of your largest marketing budget items, linear TV.

In the past, TV measurement has been opaque, slow, and out of your hands. It’s time to change.

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