Second by Second TV Viewership Data

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Not All Data is Created Equal.

Our set top box collection software gives us a unique advantage as the largest independent source of cable viewing data. 2 million homes from more than a dozen different partners, produce 100s of millions of second-by-second, household level viewing events that are made available to our Platforms each day. 

FourthWall's viewing data feeds are recognized for their high quality, and consistently clean structure. Because we start at the source, our feeds deliver viewing data that is easy to handle, ingest into your own platforms, and merge with other data sets.

Every Click on Every Box

Our data feeds begin with every click on every set top box. This granularity lets you see which boxes were tuned to which channels at any given second of the day. Not only can you determine if a program or an ad was viewed, but if someone tuned away during it.

Appended Program Data

We then append programming data to the individual tuning events, so you know that at 10:35:35 a.m. on Channel 231 on April 2nd, was, in fact, Golden Girls

Mapped to Households

The viewing data from each set top is mapped to a specific household. These households are matched using our patented, PII-protecting methods, and a unique anonymized household ID is generated for each. 

Matched and Anonymized

Using our anonymized household IDs, we can match to first and third party data sets, and append each household with demographic or other characteristics.

Many other features make it easy for platform builders and analytics companies to put our data to use in a wide variety of cases.

FourthWall data feeds are recognized as superior in their structure, consistency and behavior. We have collected, processed and delivered hundreds of millions of viewing events, as well as their associated data every day, year in and year out. 

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