Data Services


The MassiveData® TVPanel™ delivers PII-protected, non-aggregated television viewing data. It is the largest independent one of its kind, consisting of millions of households in geographically dispersed markets around the United States. The TVPanel data is collected from a broad range of cable operators and is fully anonymized ensuring that no personally identifiable information is ever collected or received.

The panel tracks second-by-second viewing data that is matchable to other data sources via a patent-pending, privacy-preserving matching process. Some of the data matched to the TVPanel includes: program schedule information, demographic data, and commercial occurrence logs. Through every match the television viewing data becomes more and more meaningful allowing programmers and advertisers the ability to better understand the audiences they serve and target.

The second-by-second television tuning data reflects viewing on every channel across a large number of designated market areas (DMA) delivering both breadth and depth.  MassiveData’s TVPanel is available for license through a daily subscription. This service delivers television tuning data every day for the previous day’s viewing. MassiveData collects and combines data across markets, normalizes the data format, cleans the data by applying a series of essential edit rules yielding a clean, usable non-aggregated dataset. After the processing is complete, the viewing data is posted to each customer’s account according to their license criteria and made available through secure network access.

Subscribers can elect to receive as much television viewing data as is available as the MassiveData TVPanel grows. No need to continually ask for more – the service can be set up to scale with the TVPanel and application requirements of our customers.


Critical to maximizing the value of the TVPanel is the ability to connect its viewership data to external datasets while preserving privacy. TVMatch™ is a service of MassiveData that can perform the matching of datasets for any TVPanel subscriber.

The following types of matching services are supported by TVMatch:

  • Third-party matching – Connects the TVPanel to outside data sources, most commonly demographic data from Acxiom and Experian but also including cross-platform behavioral data. This service allows a range of datasets to be combined thereby delivering meaningful insights on television audiences.
  • First-party data matching – Connects the TVPanel to a customer’s CRM or loyalty program database while maintaining privacy. The connected datasets enable marketers to better target their customers.
  • Custom matching – TVMatch can also perform custom matches such as reporting on specific advertising or media exposures. This approach involves the definition of an SOW outlining the customized output desired.

Being able to match your target audiences to the precise television programs they watch is a huge step forward in the media buying and planning world.  And MassiveData can do it for you today with TVMatch.


TVVerify™ empowers marketers with a tool to track the airing and performance of television advertising campaigns. Media buyers and sellers can use TVVerify to confirm that an ad was run according to the planned media schedule. They can track the following Key Performance Indicators (KPI) by demographic attributes, or any other custom attributes.

  • Ad Exposures – Using provided commercial occurrence logs, TVVerify measures the total ad exposures for each targeted household within the TVPanel dataset.
  • Tune-in – TVVerify measures the number of households tuned-in to a commercial and at what point in the commercial their viewing began.
  • Tune-out – TVVerify measures the number of households that tuned away from a commercial and at what point in the commercial their viewing ended.

Media buyers and sellers can use TVVerify to track these critical KPIs over time to demonstrate the value of ad inventory and to optimize advertisers’ media plans.


FourthWall Media® collects set-top box data from a broad range of US cable operators with its proven TVCollect™ solution. TVCollect runs on boxes manufactured by ARRIS (Motorola), Cisco, and Pace and has been in market since 2011.

Crucial to census-level data collection is the ability to capture all tuning events, compress the events in a lossless manner, and send the data to backend servers with guaranteed delivery. TVCollect works in conjunction with the patented Velox™ network bandwidth management product. The TVCollect application is responsible for data capture and lossless compression, while Velox is responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of the data off the device.

The newest version of TVCollect provides deep diagnostic data that allows cable operators to monitor set-top box health and performance to reduce operational costs and improve customer experience.

Mar 29:
FourthWall is seeking full-stack Java Enterprise Edition software engineers.
Mar 29:
FourthWall Media is seeking a senior product manager to build cool TV analytics products.