Television programmers, whether national or local, have similar objectives. They need to drive viewership of their programming and maintain their viewers from one program to the next.  They need to maximize cross platform and off channel promotional dollars while meeting their viewership goals. And, they need to drive more revenue from undervalued ad inventory by demonstrating a clear ROI to their advertisers.

FourthWall Media’s MassiveData® division has many state-of-the-art tools that when combined provide a detailed understanding of television audiences which allows Programmers to achieve these critical objectives. These include TV Panel, TVMatch, and TVVerify.


TVPanel™ is the largest independent source of cable viewership data in the United States. It has millions of homes reporting on every channel on a second-by second basis. Its depth provides improved audience insights than sample based measurement, and its breadth provides measurement for channels that fall below a sample’s statistical threshold.


TVMatch™ allows the panel data to be connected to other datasets in a privacy-preserving way to make it even more meaningful. In conjunction with safe-haven data partners, Acxiom and Experian, TVMatch connects demographic and cross-platform data from a multitude of sources to the TVPanel’s second-by-second television viewing data. The result is a rich set of anonymized household viewing profiles.

Being able to match target viewers to the precise television programs they watch enables programmers to generate granular audience segmentation and flow analyses.  Programmers can track exactly when viewers tune in and tune out providing audience flow insights not previously available. Through TV Match, programmers can promote the right show to a potential audience particularly off air and satisfy their viewership objectives.


TVVerify™ enables Programmers to demonstrate the execution and value of their advertising inventory to their advertisers. They can prove the airing and performance of advertising campaigns against the advertiser’s planned media schedule. TVVerify can also track ad exposures by demographic attributes, or any other custom attributes.  And it can report engagement data by tracking tune-ins and tune-outs down to the second. TVVerify allows programmers to demonstrate ROI by showing advertisers the audiences they deliver, and also allows advertisers to see how well their commercials engage the audience.

Our Customers

“Partnering with FourthWall Media to produce the Mavs Team Widget is great for us.
We believe in the future of interactive television.”

- Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner 
on building the Mavericks Team Widget

“The buyergraphic approach to media has quickly gained favor with advertisers who seek to drive revenue and improve the return of each and every dollar spent on advertising. We continue to invest in methodologies, new solutions and collaborate with innovative companies like FourthWall to improve the benefits of our offerings. The alliance with FourthWall provides better reliability, stability and predictability to our clients.”
Mike Nazzaro, CEO, Nielsen Catalina Solutions
“What our relationship with FourthWall Media allows is access to a large stream of near real time set top box data. This data stream can be matched with individual voter information allowing Smart Media to know what specific programs voters prefer to view and when. It’s truly a revolutionary step for Smart Media and the political media buying industry, one that will bring a high degree of certainty to the media planning and programming decisions we make on behalf of our clients.”
Kyle Roberts, CEO, Smart Media Group
“With paid media, there is a huge opportunity to use data to be more targeted and efficient. We can save our clients substantial sums of money by optimizing their media buys, which is especially important for donor-supported organizations. FourthWall is exciting because it will mean more granular data, a faster turnaround time for our clients, and greater access to our services for small organizations and down-ticket races.”
Derek Turner, Director of Media Analytics, BlueLabs
“AMG is pleased to have entered into this agreement with FourthWall Media. We leveraged set-top box data and DVR data in 2012 to reach our audience by placing the right ads on the right programs. With FourthWall’s dynamic and granular data we are offering the same capabilities to consumer marketers who have been clamoring for better insights into their target audiences along with better efficiency in their media buys.”
Chauncey McLean, Analytics Media Group (AMG) COO
“Television continues to be campaigns’ dominant communications medium, but it has typically been the least data-driven. Integrating FourthWall’s exclusive data with Deep Root’s unique blended media database will help campaigns target their paid media in a far more effective way than they had previously.”
Alex Lundry, Co-founder of DRA
“If you look at campaigns and issue advocacy pushes, TV spend will generally represent 50-80% of budget, and yet the status quo is a surprising inability to ensure our TV creative is effective, and an inability to truly target our buys to segments in our vote file. FourthWall data will allow us to talk to the different segments of voters we have always seen in our vote files, but unable to target effectively on TV.”
Brian Stobie, Partner at 0ptimus.
"Simulmedia will use FourthWall data in combination with multiple other data sources…… enabling us to improve the value of the television inventory. That FourthWall Media provides demographic as well as second-by-second set top box viewing data will be invaluable in helping Simulmedia's media inventory partners increase yield and drive incremental revenue."
Dave Morgan, Simulmedia's founder and CEO
“Being able to target the right message to the right home is the single biggest opportunity awaiting the television advertising industry. Cable operators further benefit as they use significant local inventory for marketing their own products to existing subscribers. In a study we recently completed, examining 144 cable operator marketing campaigns covering an 18 month period, we found that ads that targeted their message to the right subscribers got a 70% better conversion rate than their overall campaign results.”
Seth Haberman, CEO of Visible World
“EBIF is driving advanced applications and services that are important to consumers and to Charter. We’re pleased to have successfully deployed FourthWall’s EBIF platform to our customers with Cisco set-tops and to have achieved this important milestone. Concurrent and FourthWall Media were key to our successful deployment and delivery of a universal platform to advertisers and programmers.”
Jim Heneghan, President, Charter Media
Mar 29:
FourthWall is seeking full-stack Java Enterprise Edition software engineers.
Mar 29:
FourthWall Media is seeking a senior product manager to build cool TV analytics products.