Reporting & Analytics

Reveal Portal

Reveal™ is a powerful tool that unlocks the power of TV data for cable operators. Reveal generates measurement reports that support smarter decisions through a clearer understanding viewing audiences and subscriber preferences.

Reveal provides a web-based interface through which MVPD clients can run pre-defined reports or create their own through an extensive set of flexible parameters.  Reports can be generated to rank and compare programs and channels over a specified time period by indicating a date range or daypart. Reports can also be filtered by geographic area by indicating the zip codes or DMAs of interest. Users can also specify whether they want to include DVR playback measurement in their reports and they can even set the number of days over which they want to count DVR viewing. The Reveal reports are based on second-by-second viewing data which can optionally be rolled up by minute or quarter hour.

Users can manage reports by creating custom reports based on their unique filter settings, saving the reports for future use, and scheduling the reports to run at defined intervals.

Precision Diagnostics

Precision Diagnostics™ delivers critical information to cable operators so they can monitor their physical plant and detect problems in advance of customer disruptions. Precision Diagnostics expands the return path data collected from millions of set-top boxes to include deep set-top box metrics that report on the health of devices and the cable network overall.

The cost of an on-site truck roll for a cable customer is considerable, as is every customer support call.  Some of these expenses can be mitigated through reporting tools that flag problems prior to a customer disruption, allowing for remedial action in advance. These tools provide operators a cost-savings opportunity as well as a means of improving customer relations through better, more reliable, uninterrupted service.

The Precision Diagnostics product provides key set-top box and plant information in a variety of areas including model information, frequency and signal levels, network statistics, DVR health, VOD service information, and crash and reset status.

Precision Diagnostics also provides the basis for essential churn analytics that identify potentially at-risk subscribers. Empowered by this data, operators can intervene early in the process to improve customer satisfaction and prevent a subscriber from dropping their service.  Understanding the root causes of churn allows operators to take preventive measures and preserve their customer base.

Mar 29:
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Mar 29:
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