MassiveData® TV DMP 


The End to End Platform Powering Your TV Data Strategies. 

For years, we have used our MassiveData® DMP to collect and process hundreds of millions of viewing events every day, generating clean, relatable sets of data to deliver answers, not headaches.

Data Collection and Ingestion

We collect and ingest raw data from set top boxes and other devices using patented and proven methods. Our set top box data collection software, known as TV Collect, resides on millions of set top boxes, operating seamlessly within the cable infrastructure and ecosystem.

Normalizing and Processing

The MassiveData® DMP rapidly and easily onboards diverse datasets, including demographic data, program data, time zone information, ad pricing and more, normalizing them all, and uses a patented matching process to append data at a household level. 

Managing and Storing

We unify and  integrate datasets in a high performance storage infrastructure to ensure that data is easily and quickly accessible to the Reveal Analytics Platform, as well as providing turnkey integration with other interfaces and business systems. 

Outputs and Analytics

An extensive analytics toolset produces output modules for different business needs: operations, measurement, media analysis, planning, and more, as well as feeding our Reveal Analytics Platform. 

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