From Collection to Answers,
We Deliver Data Solutions to the Television Ecosystem.



DMP+Analytics Platform

The Reveal Analytics Platform places 5 years of historic data at your fingertips so you can plan, evaluate, and measure audiences, ads, programs and channels. 
Our MassiveData® DMP collects, ingests, appends and processes device, demographic, programming, ad schedules and pricing data so you can drive your media and advertising strategies.

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viewership data

The cleanest, most granular TV data available, our Data Feeds combine second by second viewing data, PII-protected household demographics and program information for analytics shops and platform builders. Our feeds are updated each day to keep your platform dynamic and current, and can include historic data from up to five years prior.  

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Combining our platforms and data gives us a unique advantage in answering valuable questions about TV advertising, programming, and audiences. Whether it’s reporting, retargeting, analyzing, or optimizing, we share that advantage with our customers, routinely finding double digit savings and performance improvements in large and small campaigns. 

Now You Can Retarget TV Audiences in LiveRamp.
Choose from Hundreds of Syndicated Segments, Create Custom Segments,
and Retarget in the Frictionless LiveRamp Environment.